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Closing the pay disparity among women and minorities is crucial for fostering economic empowerment. Did you know that women and minorities face a significant wage gap of 86.8% compared to their counterparts? By addressing this disparity, we're not just talking about fairness; we're unlocking the potential for positive change and personal growth.

Studies show that economic power not only brings financial freedom but also enhances our ability to make meaningful choices in our lives. Imagine a world where economic equality isn't just a goal but a reality—a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

When we invest in economic empowerment, we invest in ourselves and our communities, unlocking the best versions of who we are meant to be. Let's make a difference together because change doesn't just happen; it requires resources.

Be part of this change. Be empowered.


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Introducing your dedicated team of trusted and well-trained mentors.

At Crack the Wealth Code, we are catalysts for transformative success in business, mindset, wealth creation and much more. Founded in 2023 by Brooke Ceballos-Pinero and Shirley Baez, we are committed to being the driving force for transformative success, particularly within women and minorities. With extensive experience in the corporate sector, being investors and military, our founders bring a unique blend of expertise to empower individuals on their journey to financial literacy and independence. Fueled by passion, our innovative coaching program seamlessly integrates business strategy, mindset mastery, and effective wealth creation. We're dedicated to breaking down barriers, embracing abundance, and fostering a community that thrives together. Join us on the path to unlocking prosperity as we guide you through a holistic approach to success.

Brooke Ceballos-Pinero

Brooke is a passive investor in 676 units, a sponsor in 481 units, and 1 NNN (Triple-Net) investment. She’s using her 22 years in corporate America, team sports background, and numerous paid masterminds to scale her investment portfolio and educate others, especially women and minorities, on how to do the same.

She’s the Co-Founder/Co-Author of the Real Women in Real Estate (REWIRE) book project, CEO of Empower Capital, and Creator of Multifamily Momentum.

In her free time, Brooke enjoys health and fitness, baking and dancing with her daughters, and hitting every food stop she can with her husband.


Shirley Baez

Shirley is a passive investor over 480 units, with investments in Cardone Capital and single family and an Airbnb portfolios reflecting her commitment to creating financial wealth on her terms.

She is the Founder and CEO of LeadHERship Academy, and is a resilience-building leadership professional trainer, Agile strategist, and expert in empowering women to lead their ship!

Shirley is a 20-year Army Special Operations retired veteran and an inspiring mentor, speaker, and author of Lead Your Ship, Powerful Female Immigrant, and Real Women In Real Estate. She is passionate about encouraging others to walk the road less travel of financial freedom.


Real People, Real Experience, Real Guidance

Meet your dedicated coaches, Brooke Ceballos-Pinero and Shirley Baez, at Crack the Wealth Code. 


Our Mission

To dismantle obstacles, nurture generational prosperity, and ignite enduring societal evolution. We champion financial empowerment, propelling a ripple effect of generational influence and fostering inclusive communities.


Our Vision

Empower financial success for a million diverse individuals by providing accessible financial knowledge and transformative mindset strategies. 

Our Values

Empowerment: We empower individuals from diverse backgrounds to achieve financial success through accessible knowledge and transformative mindset strategies, fostering an inclusive community.

Integrity: We build a trustworthy and inclusive community by upholding honesty and transparency.

Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions, focusing on our mission and serving a diverse community.

Education: We provide valuable educational resources for personal and financial growth, embracing inclusivity in our learning environment.

Diversity Appreciation: We value and celebrate diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences, recognizing that inclusivity strengthens our community.

Community Impact: We are dedicated to positively impacting our community and beyond, utilizing our resources to address social challenges and promote positive change.

What you'll get:

  • How to leave your day job by investing and making money while you sleep
  • Vision clarity and targeted success
  • Time management mastery
  • Wellness and relationship excellence
  • Branding
  • Decision-making and negotiations
  • Career advancement
  • Real estate for wealth-building
  • Collaboration sessions for your situation
  • A supportive community to ensure your success and keep you accountable
  • Weekly progress tracking and accountability check-ins
  • Personalized business assessment and strategy development
  • Detailed financial analysis and optimization strategies
  • Networking opportunities with industry leaders
  • Exclusive events and workshops
  • A network of influential entrepreneurs and business leaders
  • Email and phone/text support
  • Private Facebook group for continuous collaboration
  • The opportunity to  share your unique voice with the world as an author and speaker

The above has allowed us to live our lives on our terms. Join us and live the life you deserve, not what you've been given.

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Success Stories and Testimonials

Shakera Grey

“Shirley is absolutely amazing. I met her through one of my Maxwell Leadership team members and she had such great things to say about her. She has upheld her reputation because she is phenomenal in what she does. She is a great mentor and coach and has helped me greatly in my transition from the military. She is always there and always supportive by providing me resources and encouragement. I am grateful to have meet and know Shirley.”



Bibi Ofiri

“I remember the emotional conversation with Brooke. It was about my journey and how difficult it was to get to the next level of my multifamily business. Brooke's encouragement and introductions to the WhatsApp multifamily community played a crucial role in propelling my multifamily business to the next level. I actually had to invest in her deals as an LP because i saw how genuine she was. She is sure a blessing to me. Thank you Brooke. The trust I have placed in her and the positive influence she brings to those around her highlight the importance of mentorship and genuine connections.”

Donnie Klinger

“I've had the privilege of working closely with Shirley for the past year and a half, and I can't express enough how invaluable her guidance has been. Her profound insights and unwavering support have made her not just an amazing mentor but also a driving force behind my pursuit of setting up and running my podcasting business. Shirley's mentorship has been a game-changer, and I'm incredibly grateful for her continued guidance.”

Christina Bolaños