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At Crack the Wealth Code, we are catalysts for transformative success in business, mindset, wealth creation and much more. Founded in 2023 by Brooke Ceballos Pinero and Shirley Baez, we are committed to being the driving force for transformative success, particularly within the Women and minorities. With extensive experience in the corporate sector and Military, our founders bring a unique blend of expertise to empower individuals on their journey to financial literacy and independence. Fueled by passion, our innovative coaching program seamlessly integrates business strategy, mindset mastery, and effective wealth creation. We're dedicated to breaking down barriers, embracing abundance, and fostering a community that thrives together. Join us on the path to unlocking prosperity as we guide you through a holistic approach to success.


Brooke Ceballos-Pinero

Brooke is a passive investor in 676 units, a sponsor in 481 units, and 1 NNN (Triple-Net) investment. She’s using her 22 years in corporate America, team sports background, and numerous paid masterminds to scale her investment portfolio and educate others, especially women and minorities, on how to do the same.

She’s the Co-Founder/Co-Author of the Real Women in Real Estate (REWIRE) book project, CEO of Empower Capital, and Creator of Multifamily Momentum.

In her free time, Brooke enjoys health and fitness, baking and dancing with her daughters, and hitting every food stop she can with her husband.

Shirley Baez

Shirley is a passive investor over 480 units, with investments in Cardone Capital and single family and an Airbnb portfolios reflecting her commitment to creating financial wealth on her terms.

She is the Founder and CEO of LeadHERship Academy, and is a resilience-building leadership professional trainer, Agile strategist, and expert in empowering women to lead their ship!

Shirley is a 20-year Army Special Operations retired veteran and an inspiring mentor, speaker, and author of Lead Your Ship, Powerful Female Immigrant, and Real Women In Real Estate. She is passionate about encouraging others to walk the road less travel of financial freedom.